Friday, 27 July 2018

Is a Gaur and a Bison the same animal?

If you have been to India and done safaris in our game rich jungles, chances are you must have had an encounter or two with a large cattle like animal called the gaur (bos gaurus). In fact it is the largest bovine animal in the world. 
But you would often hear the guides or other people calling it a bison. Well by the first looks it definitely resembles a bison found in Europe or North America. But don’t go by the looks. They are two different animals. Gaur’s range extends from India all the way to South East Asia. The bison is found in North America and parts of Europe. The gaur prefers the dry or moist deciduous forests whereas the bison likes the open grasslands. So their preferred habitat also determines their preferred food. Gaurs are mixed feeder meaning they both graze and browse on a variety of flora. Bison are primarily grazers. An adult gaur is also way bigger than a bison. In case of gaurs the bulls can weigh upto 1500 kg and bisons around 900 kg. 
The bison also look way more scruffier than the gaur, don’t they? So on your next safari in India, remember, we have gaurs and not bisons. 

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Friday, 6 July 2018

Important inputs for your India holiday!

Dear Guests/travelers,
Greetings from a rejuvenated, green and monsoon drenched India,
Well, it's beginning of July and its that time of the year again when we get to stay at home for 3 months. The season 2017-18 was a fantastic one. Team Overland Expeditions India along with several wonderful guests explored some beautiful parts of the sub-continent.
From the towering, the barren and parched landscape of Ladakh in search of the snow leopard to the dense steaming jungles of the North East and the misty hills of Nepal for Red Pandas, we had some rare encounters.
We lead close to 150 safaris in Central India producing superb sightings big and small that will remain etched in our memories. Several first-time guests realised their dream of seeing a Bengal tiger in the wild. It’s moment like these that drive us to keep doing what we love to do.
While it is time for us to relax a bit, we also cannot forget about the onset of the new season in October. A safari holiday in India is a sheer bliss but one has to plan and book well in advance. Well, to be accurate at-least 3 to 4 months in advance. This ensures smooth booking of flights, trains, safari tickets and everything else. And yes your host will be so much better prepared to deliver the best.
Check out our website:
It has a complete bouquet of trips big and small, easy and adventurous to suit your taste. Further on we are there to assist you at 24x7 and answer all your queries till you are satisfied and ready to confirm.
We cannot wait to talk to you…