Our Vehicle

Our Expedition Vehicle

No doubt the vehicle is an overlander's lifeline and we are no exception to it. When we first started checking our options in the market, a lot of things went through our minds. How big should it be? How strong should it be? What's the ideal no of seats that we should have etc. Etc. We checked out a lot of brands, Tata, Mahindra, Eicher, Toyota. Based on our onroad experience we finally chose Tata's winger maxi van. India and its neighbouring countries present a lot of challenges on the road. Narrow roads, crowded markets, animal traffic are some of them. We went with Tata looking at their widespread network in the country. They are just ever present. Built on a sturdy yet comfortable Tata chassis our wheels are totally modified and customized to suit our demanding needs. Serviced and tested regularly by authorised Tata mechanics, one can stay assured of a smooth ride.

Now after using it for almost 4 years, it is our trustee machine which doesn't let us down.
It has conqured the rugged Himalayan terrains of Bhutan and Nepal, has traversed the
Thar desert and has ventured in the deep jungles all around the country. It has also survived
the snowline of the frozen Himalayas. After customisation it comes fully equipped with:
  1. 8 comfortable high back seats
  2. Twin tower air-conditioners
  3. 100 litres deep freezer
  4. 100 litres water tank
  5. Microwave oven
  6. Full range of cooking equipment
  7. 5, 3 men dome tents
  8. A large awning
  9. Hosepipes, ropes, shovels
  10. Roof rack for luggage
  11. Music system with USB support
  12. LCD screen
  13. Camera/phone charging port
  14. GPS
  15. Bean bags for photographers
  16. Hidden safe

The large windows on the rear seats are ideal for photographers. Extra cushioned space
 has been reserved in the vehicle for the delicate photography equipment.
          It is equipped with:
  1. 2000 cc Turbo charged intercooler engine
  2. Power up to 90 Bhp
  3. Power steering and power breaks
  4. 70 litres diesel tank


(NOTE - The name of company has been changed.. earlier the name was Prayaan India Overland
 now the new name is "Overland expeditions India".)

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