Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Back in 2012 we had started the first India based overland travel company by the name 'Prayaan India Overland'. We traveled far and wide with this name. Our expedition vehicles carried our logo to the high mountains of Bhutan, Nepal and the length and breadth of India. We loved it!
Well now 4 years later we are ready with new branding. The change is to make it more easy for people to understand us and our concept. Our new logo very much speaks about adventure travel. So now if you spot an expedition vehicle with the yellow logo saying "Overland Expeditions India" you know its the same old team that pioneered this concept 4 years back. In this process we have also upgraded our website which is now more user friendly! The new contacts are as follows:


Call: +91 8989239471 / 8959189811
Skype: Overland Expeditions India

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