Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Our trustee & beloved partner!

The overland vehicle is an overlander's pride and so is ours. We got her in 2012 and since then she has stood with us as a reliable machine. We would like to introduce you to the Overland Expeditions India's expedition vehicle.
She is a Tata van fully customised as per our needs. Before picking her, we went through a lot of other brands and their offerings and finally decided to go with Tata. The main reason being sturdiness, no nonsense nature of the vehicle and Tata's vast on road support.

After the modifications she comes fully equipped with the following:
  1. 8 comfortable high back seats
  2. Twin tower air-conditioners
  3. 100 litres deep freezer
  4. 100 litres water tank
  5. Microwave oven
  6. Full range of cooking equipment
  7. 8, 3 men dome tents
  8. A large awning
  9. Hosepipes, ropes, shovels
  10. Roof rack for luggage
  11. Music system with USB support
  12. LCD screen
  13. Camera/phone charging port
  14. GPS
  15. Bean bags for photographers
  16. Hidden safe
  17. Fire safety equipment

It's a medium sized vehicle comfortably seating 8 people and is just the right size to easily maneuver through the tight Indian roads and traffic. 
We have taken her to pretty much all the parts of the Subcontinent and she has proved herself. Be it the 48 degrees heat of the Thar desert or the 4000 m frozen desert of Himalayas, she has conquered it all. 
Today she is an invaluable part of our team. She has given us and our travelers numerous memories and experiences never to be forgotten! To know more about her visit:   

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