Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Machli and her Kingdom - Ranthambore National Park

The news must have reached you! Or if it has not, Machli the legendary tigress from Ranthambore is no more. She passed away a few days ago at the age of 19.
A lot of us believe that she was something more than just a tiger. In fact a few even believed her to possess supernatural powers. Well we are not sure about that, but there is absolutely no doubt in the fact that she was more than an average tiger...
Machli walking straight towards us

A beast with a unique persona of her own! A true legend whom we will never forget. For survival, she succumbed to nothing. At one stage we all felt she is just invincible. She became really famous when she was recorded killing a huge mugger crocodile. But unfortunately just like any other great warrior, over the time we saw her demise.
She once ruled probably the most prized real estate in the tiger's world, the lake territory of Ranthambore. A territory full of prey, water, cool shades and utmost protection from the poachers.
No tiger ever dared to challenge Machli's rule. It was only when one of her daughters named Sundari grew bolder and decided to chase Machli away.
Machli behaving wiser than ever gave away her prime territory to her daughter without a fight. She moved to the edge of the park where she lived the rest of her life. Even in this area she was a star.
We shall all remain obliged to Machli for letting us inside a tiger's world. She unfolded a lot of mysteries for us.
Even with the visiting jeeps she was extremely relaxed giving everyone ample photo opportunities. She was relaxed to an extent that, I remember an instance when Machli was walking towards us on the dirt track. Another jeep was following her from behind. The careless driver in the jeep touched Machli's tail with his jeep's bonnet. She just looked back once thinking "silly humans'' and kept walking towards us.
Machli's daughter Sundari, after she chased away her mother

Machli during her lifetime was a movie star, a queen, a skilled hunter, a very successful mother, won atleast a million hearts and had also won a lifetime achievement award by BBC.
Machli is no more, but her tribe still thrives in the beautiful Ranthambore National Park. It is one of the best places to see wild tigers. The undulating terrain, sparse forest, beautiful water bodies and a great understanding of tigers behaviour makes it the ideal place to experience a tiger sighting.
Even leopards and sloth bears are in good numbers here.

- By Anand Sinha (Tour leader)

A tigress named Noor starting a hunt in a ravine

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